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Our Mission


iWRITE inspires kids to WRITE their own stories and provides publishing and leadership opportunities to our youth. At iWRITE, we embrace both sides of literacy, focusing on the importance of being a reader and a writer at a young age.


About Us

Kids are spending up to 50 hours a week on electronic tablets, smart phones and video games which has influenced our youths’ drop in leisure reading, writing and creativity across the nation. At iWRITE, we believe that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood, which is why we encourage our children to create daily and enter our annual short story contest, I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids. Reading and Writing keeps kids creative!

Both reading and writing build a foundation for children to become leaders among their peers. The I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids annual publishing contest awards children for their academic and artistic achievements. The act of being a published, young author or illustrator increases positive self-esteem and encourages our youth to become role models to others.

“by Kids for Kids”

iWRITE has become a place for kids to practice their love for reading and writing. Many of our published authors have embraced Leadership through Literacy by hosting their own reading groups and writing workshops for other kids. Two of our authors started a Book Club at their school in order to hold book drives and ship books to schools locally and internationally. As our authors have become role models in the community, they have helped us to fulfill the last part of of our mission, encouraging kids to become leaders to other kids.


Our Vision

Show the world how cool it is to be a Reader and ultimately a Writer! We continue to offer more opportunities to our kids through the brand new College Text Book Scholarships Fund. iWrite has also given opportunities to kids who want to enter the reading and writing world professionally through internships and mentoring.

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